The Kennedy Center

Turnaround Arts Intern

Department description

The Turnaround Arts program uses arts education as a tool in school reform for the nation's most under-served public schools. Through ambitious and strategic arts investments - aimed at impacting every hallway, every classroom, every staff member, and every student in the school - Turnaround Arts fuels whole-school transformation. We are looking for a self-motivated, detail-oriented individual with a knack for writing and organizing content, as well as a passion for the arts, civil rights and education issues.

Project description

High-Profile School Event Planning: Help coordinate and contribute to the execution of high-profile local and national school events. Gain hands-on experience coordinating event logistics, including Turnaround Artist visits, student performances and professional learning workshops. Participate in DC area events, gaining experience in artist and student management and working directly with principals and teachers.

School Overview Re-Design: Collect and present data related to students, teachers and administrative staff at Turnaround Arts schools. Gain hands-on experience in creating overviews, or visually captivating briefings, of each Turnaround Arts school using data from annual updates. Overviews will be presented to funders and Turnaround Artists within our network.

Website and Media Maintenance: Research, develop and maintain enticing and informative copy across the Turnaround Arts website, with a focus on tracking media coverage.

Key Dates

Spring 2019 Term

Application Available: August 9-November 12, 2018

Term Dates: January 22-May 3, 2019

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Fall 2018 Term

Application closed July 15, 2018

Term Dates: September 10-December 14, 2018

Summer 2019 Term

Application Available: December 10-March 17, 2019

Term Dates: June 3-August 16, 2019