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Fall 2018 Placements 

Three EEI interns will be placed part-time in different work sites across the Kennedy Center. The work sites for the fall 2018 cohort are as follows:

Federal Contracting Office 

Job Summary: This position is paired with another work site (TBD). An intern assigned to the Federal Contracting Office will spend one hour each day performing a variety of ancillary tasks, which include copying, filing, data entry, and transporting contracts to the Finance Department.

Interns interested in supporting the Federal Contracting Office should feel comfortable with transitioning between settings and interacting with multiple supervisors. 

Preferred Skills: A strong candidate will demonstrate the ability to work flexibly and independently, communication and self-advocacy skills, can alphabetize, count, organize documents, and is punctual.

Artistic Programming Office

Job Summary: The Artistic Programming intern will perform a variety of ancillary tasks, which include copying, filing, and mail delivery. There may be sporadic artistic support opportunities, which include accompanying guest artists to various locations around the Kennedy Center to ensure that artists do not get lost, and supporting the programming assistant in ensuring that guest artists have all materials necessary to perform.

Preferred Skills: A strong candidate will demonstrate flexibility to work in a busy environment, ability to organize things numerically and alphabetically, ability to orient a large facility, good communication skills, punctuality, and the ability to read.

Production Office

Job Summary: The Production intern is expected to inventory a wide variety of materials necessary to set the stage for performances. Based on the inventory collected, the intern will enter that data into a new database. The intern must be comfortable with  moving and lifting up to 50 pounds, and can scale a ladder safely. The Production intern will handle many props, which may be fragile and expensive.

Preferred Skills: A strong candidate will demonstrate the ability to count to 100, is able to alphabetically and numerically categorize items, must be able to read and write, is able to lift 50 pounds, has self-advocacy skills, and an ability to work independently. Due to the value of the materials being handled and inventoried, the intern must demonstrate a history of self-control and is able to handle delicate and unique items with respect. 

Gift Shop Office

Job Summary: The Gift Shop Office intern is required to place price tags on merchandise and prepare merchandise for the sales floor. The intern will also participate in setting up the gift shop for specialty displays, including seasonal displays and trunk shows. Interns may also assist while supervised in the gift shop by placing prepared merchandise on the sales floor.

Preferred Skills: A strong candidate will demonstrate punctuality, flexibility to work with different people, the ability to count to 100, ability to read labels, is a self-starter, and the ability to work independently.

Additional Information

Please note that placements vary by semester. Previous intern placements have included the ushering team, administrative offices, the Document Center, and the Gift Shop Office.

In addition to meaningful work-readiness experience, EEI interns must actively participate in professional development opportunities. Professional development opportunities include workshops that address workplace skills, seminars with senior leaders across the Kennedy Center, and a weekly project-based arts administration class.

Key Dates

Spring 2018

Application Window: October 1 - November 4, 2018.

Internship Term: January 21, 2019 - May 3, 2019

Notification: Applicants will be notified of their application status by November 30,2018.

Fee: Free

  • November 5 - November 30: Pre-interview worksite visits with service provider
  • December 3: Interview with your service provider
  • December 17: Decision notification
  • January 18: Pre-orientation for all accepted interns
  • January 21: Orientation

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