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Tips and Takeaways

Daniel Regan

Spring 2018 Intern

Daniel Regan Tips & Takeaways

What’s your biggest piece of advice in filling out the application?

My biggest piece of advice in filing out the application is to have all the required paperwork ready to submit before the deadline. I say this because you must gather up all your required materials on time for submission to The Kennedy Center. The application is quite simple actually. All you have to do is fill out some general questions, and answer some essay type questions as to why you want to be an intern. If you do all this, you should be ready to go.

How did you prepare for your interview?

I prepared for my interview by doing some interview practice with my job coach. My job coach and I went over what would happen during the interview, and what would happen afterwards. I researched the Kennedy Center quite a bit before coming down to the interview. My job coach and I also talked about what would happen if I got the internship. My job coach and I talked about the fact that I should be prepared to work a full day and week of work, in other words a longer day than I was used to.

What is your advice for an in-person interview?

My advice for an in-person interview is to answer all questions that the panel has coming for you. You want to try to answer all of the questions. Answer the questions in the best way possible.

What was your favorite part of the internship?

My favorite part of the internship was getting to work with my team every Wednesday in KC Class. I say this because how often do you get to work with people and make new friends at the same time. I got to work on my public speaking skills when my team and I presented our project in front of senior leaders during [the end of internship project called ] Shark Tank. It is totally awesome, that I got to hang out with some of my favorite people every week during team time. I had something to look forward to every Wednesday afternoon. 

What is one surprising thing you learned as an intern at the Kennedy Center?

One surprising thing that I learned as an intern at The Kennedy Center is that I can actually work a full day and a full week of work. Before coming to this internship, I thought it wasn’t possible to work a full day and week of work, but this internship changed my thinking about that. I learned what it is like to have a set work schedule and to have a supervisor who expects the best from me. Another surprising thing I learned as an intern is that I had no idea I had to work on my public speaking skills. I had to present a project with my team in front of senior leaders at the end of the internship.

Do you have any additional advice for people interested in the EEI internship program?

The additional advice that I have for anybody who is interested in The EEI internship program is that you should be prepared for a longer day than you are used to because you will get used to it like I did. It is worth it in the end. Also, be prepared to work in a group on a project every week. Finally, you should be prepared to get paid every two weeks. Also, you should be prepared to make some new friends like I did.  

Key Dates

Spring 2018

Application Window: October 1 - November 4, 2018.

Internship Term: January 21, 2019 - May 3, 2019

Notification: Applicants will be notified of their application status by November 30,2018.

Fee: Free

  • November 5 - November 30: Pre-interview worksite visits with service provider
  • December 3: Interview with your service provider
  • December 17: Decision notification
  • January 18: Pre-orientation for all accepted interns
  • January 21: Orientation

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