The Kennedy Center

Research and Evaluation Intern

Department description

The Kennedy Center Research and Evaluation team is charged with studying the impact of various education programs on different constituents, including students, teachers, artists, and Kennedy Center partners. We are looking for a passionate individual who is interested in learning about arts evaluation and research on a collaborative team. Experience in research, database and website management, and strong writing skills, is desirable but not required. We value a willingness to learn and a sense of creativity!

Learning Objectives:

Research Methods: Experience how research studies in the arts are set up, reviewed, and administered, and participate in collaborative decision marking.

Presentation Skills: Learn how data are analyzed and how to share data visually, orally, and in writing for multiple audiences.

Awareness of Research Value: Develop an awareness of the role and the importance of research in the art fields and practice articulating that to internal audiences.

Project description

In addition to administrative duties as assigned, Kennedy Center Research and Evaluation Intern will contribute to the following projects during their internship experience:

Gather Information/Data: Collect data online and in-person from young audiences, teachers, and other participants in our work nationally and locally in order to inform our work, conducting literature reviews as needed.

Presentation Design and Development: Prepare online and written products, including data visualization, posters, and article drafts for presentation and publication.

Data Management Limited participation in data management tasks such as, data entry, transcription and interpretation of datasets.

Key Dates

Summer 2019 Term

Applications Due: March 17, 2019

Term Dates: June 3-August 16, 2019

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Spring 2019 Term

Application closed November 11, 2018

Term Dates: January 22-May 3, 2019

Fall 2018 Term

Term Dates: September 10-December 14, 2018