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Live at the REACH

See what's going on at the nation's newest cultural landmark right now! You can also look back at the construction of the REACH over the past four years.

Take a Virtual Reality Tour of the REACH Campus and Buildings

Explore the REACH on your desktop computer or mobile phone through 360-degree images of the campus and buildings. You can also launch the experience on Google Cardboard!

VR Instructions

Instructions for desktop:

The experience starts with a bird’s eye view of the new campus. Take a look around and then click on a target to travel to that location. Enjoy the 360 views with your mouse in each new space. You can mute the sound by clicking the audio icon in the bottom center of the screen.

Instructions for mobile:

After you launch the REACH VR Experience page, you’ll see a series of icons in the bottom middle section. Click on the gyroscope icon to the far right to enable the 360 movement. Click on the targets to navigate to different spaces.

Google Cardboard:

After you launch the experience at the link above, you can switch to Google Cardboard mode by clicking the icon in the lower right, and you can toggle back to desktop mode at any time by clicking the desktop icon that replaces it. Place your mobile phone in the Google Cardboard viewer as instructed on the packaging.

Navigate in the Cardboard experience by aligning the small crosshairs in the center of your screen to the targets representing the directions you can travel. Hold the crosshairs on the target and the scene will change.

Please Note: If after launching the experience you are still seeing your browser or other open tabs, close these tabs so that only the REACH experience is present, and then rotate your phone to the vertical position and then back to horizontal to launch the view full-screen.

Also be aware that, on iPhone X and XR, the latest iOS software version (12.2) now requires that you opt in for allowing gyroscope access. On your iPhone, go to Settings > Safari > Motion & Orientation Access, and toggle to the on position. Then reload this page.

You can navigate back to the aerial menu from any location by looking down to positioning the crosshairs on the home button on the ground.

We hope this VR experience will give you a better sense of the visual beauty and activities possible in this bold new space.

David M. Rubenstein
Cornerstone of the REACH